Auberge “French Forest” Special Course at Your Choice of Restaurant (Includes Dinner and Breakfast)

“French Forest” - a row of small inns nestled amongst the lush, tranquil greenery of Awaji Island, a world away from the city hubbub. Awaji Island has been known since ancient times as a miketsukuni - a place whose abundant ingredients were considered fit for the Imperial Court. At this facility surrounded by rich nature, three chefs create unforgettable local gastronomy that can be enjoyed nowhere else.

Here we present our special course, an upgraded version of our standard course.

■ Dinner ■
Please choose from one of the three restaurants below.

・La Rose
French cuisine with a Japanese twist. The finest seasonal ingredients from Awaji Island’s land and sea are handpicked and crafted into unforgettable dishes. The chef is a certified sommelier and personally selects wines to perfectly compliment each course.

・Grand Baobab
[French x Italian fusion cuisine that cherishes the natural flavors of every ingredient]
The basic philosophy of Italian cuisine is to enjoy ingredients simply, an approach which significantly influenced French cuisine as well. By using techniques that preserve the natural flavors of each ingredient, the chef makes Awaji Island’s unique and wholesome produce sing.

・Prince Etoile
[Gourmet cuisine crafted with Awaji Island’s vibrant produce in a Basque x French fusion style]
Spain’s Basque region and Awaji Island are both famous as culinary treasure troves. Prince Etoile fuses the simple flavors of traditional Basque dishes with French haute cuisine techniques to create a brand new style.

■ Breakfast ■
Awaji Island fresh fish, vegetables, top-quality grilled pork and more. Each dish is prepared with care by the chef. Enjoy an energizing breakfast brimming with fresh Awaji Island ingredients.

■ Please Note ■
Please be sure to inform us in advance of any food allergies or preferences you may have.
Ingredients will vary depending on the season.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but children younger than 11 years of age are not permitted to use the restaurants or accommodation facilities. Please inquire in advance if you wish to bring children who are elementary school students aged 11 or above.
Drinks are charged separately.

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